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Our Story

For over 35 years we have been providing valuable advice to successful families. Our Serve First philosophy of planning dates back to Connecticut General’s Stuart Smith in the 1940’s. Aegis Consulting is a brand with deep heritage and strength rooted in serving our clients first.

In the Oxford Dictionary, Aegis (ējis) is defined as: having the protection, backing or support of a particular person or organization. The noun, Aegis comes from the Greek word “Aigis” which was the name of Zeus’s shield. To say that something or someone is under the Aegis of another is saying that they have the strength of Zeus on their side.

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With shared values and resources, we have consolidated our teams into one planning firm to attract, retain and empower the very best. In an industry that is becoming more fragmented we are intentionally organized to coordinate our specialties in all areas of financial planning. This provides a synergy that will protect all our clients at any time.