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Our Principles

Investment principles designed with you in mind

Over time, we’ve been through numerous periods of economic uncertainty—and we’ve taken careful note of what works and what doesn’t.

Through these observations and first-hand experience guiding clients through market ups and downs, we’ve designed sound, time-tested investment principles with your financial security in mind.

Principle 1

There is no such thing as “short-term investing.”

In most cases, accumulating capital takes years of work and sacrifice to accomplish. It should be approached thoughtfully and prudently, without speculation. We take that seriously.

Principle 2

Valuation still matters.

Markets can be subject to fads and hyperbole. Time and time again, when this basic
principle of investing is ignored, many rush into “the next big thing” only to be disappointed.

Principle 3

Market timing doesn’t work.

It is said that “Far more money has been lost by investors preparing for corrections,
or trying to anticipate corrections, than has been lost in corrections themselves.”

Principle 4

Market indexes and benchmarks can tell a much-distorted story.

The success or failure of your investment plan should be measured only by its success
in helping meet your long-term goals over a full market cycle.

Principle 5

Positivity is key.

While we always seek to protect your capital from threats and undue risk—we recognize
the powerful and historical upside to human ingenuity and innovation over time.

Principle 6

Information is not knowledge.

We know that achieving our client’s goals requires more than just information; it requires
personal knowledge of the client and their financial aspirations.

Principle 7

The traditional rules of investing still work.

One should never abandon the traditional rules of diversification, sound values, patience,
following a solid plan, and maintaining a long-term perspective.